Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out of England.

Friday 27 August. 0 & 0
Weather is fine so it's outside and give the boat a bit of a clean. Only one side gets done as the other is over water and having managed to last this long without falling in I don't want to risk it on the last day. Diana is busy inside doing cleaning and tidying. We take a look at Cockely and then back to the boat for the last Night.

Saturday 28 August
Lynn & David turn up around 1000 giving us plenty of time to put the boat to bed for a few days. By road to Worcester for lunch and then to the station. Train from Worcester to Windsor with a change at Slough. Luggage into the B&B then a walk around town and some diner before into bed. A bed that I can get into without climbing over Diana.

Sunday 29 August.
It's Bank holiday weekend and Frogmore House is open to the public. This is Queen Victoria's mother's house and it is only open twice a year so we have to go. It is outside the Castle wall, not lived in but used by the Royal's for meetings, parties etc. Bucketed with rain on the way back. Dried out at the B&B & started the packing. Weather became fine so off to town again before more packing diner and bed.

Monday 30 August
Up early. Taxi to Heathrow. Plane 30 minutes late. sit in Aeroplane for 9 hours. Unfortunately not window seats as it was daylight and the weather was fine all the way across Greenland and Canada. After passing through customs we managed to catch an earlier flight to Comox and got a message passed from the pilot to Frank who got 10 minutes warning of our arrival. So ended our time in England.

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