Saturday, August 21, 2010

Turning for home

Thursday 19th August. 4 miles, 0 locks.
Before heading off we visited the neighbours for a coffee & chat. Left after midday and then it was supermarket and domestics (emptying porta potties). Weather deteriorated so for a while I was on the back getting wet. Found Mike & Maggie moored up at their permanent mooring so pulled in in front and joined them for coffee. Weather not much so holed up for the night.

Friday 20th August. 7 Miles, 0 locks.
Set off down the canal through 2 swing bridges to Saul Junction where there was a winding hole so we could turn and head north. Generally the canal looked wide enough to turn but it would have been tight and with a reasonably strong wind I didn't fancy straddling the canal. As we approached Gloucester lock the rain bucketed down and the wind got up making holding the boat off waiting for the lock interesting. Nothing was happening so rang the keeper to see when the lock would be ready and all I got was an answer phone. At this point and with a mooring available we came alongside. Once tied up decided that would do for the day. Went to the Waterways Museum which isn't a patch on the one at Ellesmere Port.
Starting the distance to the mooring and time available calculations now the end of our boating is getting close.

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